25 July 2012 | Website
The official website will be closed on 27 Sep 2012 but LEGACY OF MUSIC is still available for you at MySpace and Facebook.
  08 Jan 2012 | Tragedy on Sceptic-X-Sampler
You can hear our song Tragedy on the new Sceptic-X-Sampler
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01 Dec 2011 | Christmas campaign.
LEGACY OF MUSIC gives away CDs !!!

Everybody who visits the hairdressers HAIRLICH männlich ( or HAARLEKIN (, gets not only a fantastic haircut but also a LEGACY OF MUSIC CD for free. ATTENTION: This campaign is limmited up to 100 CDs.

So, quickly to the phone and make an appointment!

J.P. & Nick

  13 Nov 2011 | LEGACY OF MUSIC at the Festival of Darkness
On 30 Mar 2012 we party with you at the Festival of Darkness at Meier Music Hall Braunschweig. We play together with bands like ROTERSAND, SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS, STERIL, EXT!ZE and OBSCENITY TRIAL. The event starts 7.30 pm. Tickets are available at (only 2,00€ presale fee!),

06.11.2011 | LEGACY OF MUSIC is part of State of the Heart - Sampler
12 Jan 2012 - The compilation of the German VNV Nation Forum: 2 CDs with 30 electro tracks. With Modcom feat. Leatherstrip, !distain, bOUNdLEZZ, Legacy of Music feat. mesh, Sensory Gate, head-less, Violent Vision, VERSUS, Empire in Dust, Sinessence, Mortal Void and many more - a tensing and varied electro-sampler.
Today, the State of the Heart - Sampler is not the only sampler of an online-community, but it's one of the most traditional: At 2002 members of the VNV Nation Forum "VIP Nation" started to talk about their self-produced music. in autumn 2005 the forum published it's first cd compilation: "State of the Heart - Sounds of VIP Nation" became more and more popular and at the end of 2008 the second part of the compilation was published, a Double CD. Both CDs were sold out in a very short time.

Now - in January 2012 - the long-awaited third part will be released: "State of the Heart 3 - Ultimate Sounds of VIP Nation". The listeners gets again 30 electronic tracks from interprets of the VNV Nation forum.

Every 12 th Euro of the amount, we give to "AVAAZ - The world in action". Avaaz moves people all over the world to take care for serious crisis situations worldwide. The aim is to close the gap between the world we have and the world we want to have. Different dimensions, but both projects "State of the Heart" and Avaaz show, that you can reach much more in groups and connections.

Thank you


Create your a music video with your favorite LEGACY OF MUSIC song. Send us the link so that we can see it.
It's equal which song you choose and it's equal which album you prefer. The best videos win! So enjoy! The best video clips will be published at and myspace.

The best three videos will win!

... a fantastic fan package including 5 LOM CDs, autographs, button, knife, pen and a brand new [co]operation t-shirt.

  12 Mar 2011 | Rare stuff at myspace
Starting from now we will provide older rare tracks in full length at our myspace site.
New : "Crimson Tide" from the sold out album "Not Ordinary" (2003)

05 Mar 2011 | Distribution
From 1 April 2011 LEGACY OF MUSIC no longer will be distributed by AL!VE! A new distribution partner is not available at the moment. That means all LOM CDs are available in stores til 31 Mar 2011.

Beginning with 1 Apr 2011 you can order our CDs in our own shop or at or Further Online Shops will follow.


19 Dec 2010 | Catch your Bundle!!
Nur noch bis 31.12.2010! Save your MEGA BUNDLE by LEGACY OF MUSIC, at POPONAUT !!! Til 31 Dec 2010!


14 Nov 2010 | New Date!
Following the release of the new "World of Warcraft" game we gonna rock at Media Markt Dessau.

The new album [co]operation with its unique songs "Tragedy" or "Count" is the main part of this performance. So, let's go!


24 Oct 2010 | "Welcome Top 10" and new review
Unbelievable, we entered the TopTen of the GEWC charts on position 8 - a Thank you for our efforts during the least months.

You can read a new review about [co]operation on Thanks to Jamie Monahan.

  13 Oct 2010 | Song of the day
Thank you, users of "Seeking" was song of the day on this website. So take a look on the page.
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03 Oct 2010 | GEWC!
GEWC top position in the charts! We climbed in KW40 with our track "Seeking feat Leæther Strip" directly from 0 to 11!
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New Shirt! Now you can order in our shop the brand-new [co]operation-shirt! We hope you enjoy it!
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01 Oct 2010 | No1!
We reached with our Song "Seeking feat. Leæther Strip" Rank 1 of the dark charts! A big Thank You!
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27 Sep 2010 | New website
That's it - the new website in a new [co]oparation design... We think it's easier to navigate and definitely better looking. At the same time we renewd our MySpace. So have fun and check it out!


22 Sep 2010 | The presale has started!
One moth before the release of [co]operation we have a special surprise for you! The ones who order our new album before 20th October 2010 in our online shop will receive the record for only 10,- €!!!!
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11 Sep 2010 | Surprise!
From now you have the possibility to download a brandnew song for free for givin away, posting, burning on CD or anything else


from the forthcoming album [co]operation. Don't forget to catch this track this long time before the official release.


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